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Melania Trump’s Tight Navy Jacket Sparks More Boob Job Rumors: PIC

You cannot change a person.

29 Pictures Of Donald Trump With Women That Are Hard To Look At Now

When the wife of Donald Trump, 72, wore a skin-tight pale pink top on August 28, rumors went flying immediately! Remember when Republicans complained about Michelle Obama's arms? Some reports at the time said that even Melania's friends , sparking rumors that she may have left the White House and returned to her old life in Manhattan.

Melania Trump

And there, she met Trump, who was out on the town with a date after splitting from his second wife, Marla Maples.

Melania Trump

She recently wore a for the glamorous event in New York City.

Donald Trump's wife Melania naked shoot for GQ Magazine as girl

But racy evidence of the shoot only emerged in August 2016 - and her husband couldn't be prouder.

Photo of Melania Trump in a thong and bra runs next to Michelle Obama in dress and pearls

The shoot took place in the year 2000 but looks like it has found the light of the day right after she became the First Lady of the country.

Donald Trump's wife Melania naked shoot for GQ Magazine as girl

The photoshoot was done by the orders of Trump himself.

Stormy Daniels Insults Melania Trump Boob Job, Fuels Hooker Tape Feud

Just look at her here! Remember when Republicans complained about Michelle Obama's arms? But in 2000, she did appear on the cover of magazine.

Melania Trump like you’ve never seen her before

This is not the first time Mrs Trump has found herself featured in a political meme, with a pic of her from a primary event running in a meme released earlier this year that was meant to embarrass Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi.

Melania Trump poses naked for Max magazine

Others attempt to stay more neutral in the comments, with one man writing; 'Listen guys.

Melania Trump

She grew up in one of the anonymous concrete apartment buildings of Yugoslavia when Josip Tito was its socialist leader and over-the-top capitalism, let alone full-blown Trumpism, didn't exist.