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All James Bond Girls List: Photo Gallery

She published an autobiography in 1999, and enjoys painting and sculpture.

Daniela Bianchi

The first Bond nude scene came in just his second feature film adventure, 1963's , where the gorgeous walks past a window fully nude, giving us the briefest look at her beautiful boobs and butt! In the aftermath of her success as both Oscar winner and Bond girl, her career suffered a few missteps, including Gothika and the infamous flop that was her Catwoman movie, but she rebounded and has continued to work steadily in film and television.

Bond Girls: Where are they now?

Her work in the film set the standard for villainous Bond girls, and her legacy can be seen in films like GoldenEye, A View to a Kill, and Die Another Day.

All James Bond Girls List: Photo Gallery

After completing high school in Vancouver, Melissa started pursuing acting.

Bond Girls: Where are they now?

No matter what, you'll always get at least 007 inches watching Daniela Bianchi adding sexy heat to fare such as Code Name: Tiger 1964 ; Slalom aka Snow Job 1965 ; Weekend, Italian Style 1966 ; Operation Gold 1966 ; Operation Lady Chaplin 1966 ; Requiem for a Secret Agent 1966 ; and the bizarre and charming O.

Daniela Bianchi Nude

Directors find many receptions for emphasizing showiness of the Bond's girl: they use magnificent evening dresses and frank bathing suits.

Daniela Bianchi Nude

This is no time to be rescued.

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Currently she's working on the mixed martial arts drama Bruised, which she is.

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Bond co-starred in all four Brosnan films as Moneypenny, lending a somewhat updated edge to the character as her verbal barb-trading with Bond and even with Judi Dench's M became a bit more pronounced.

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It's admittedly not a lot and almost all of it is of the accidental variety, but for many of us, it was the first time we ever saw a bare breast or nip slip! This brunette is beautiful and has no problem with showing her naked body for the needs of the screen and social media.

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In a bizarre turn of events, Roberts' representative later issued a statement saying that — despite previously telling TMZ that she had died, issuing a press release announcing Roberts' passing, and sharing with TMZ a quote from Roberts' husband Lance about her death.