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9 Women Who Accidentally Orgasmed

They emerged looking a bit disheveled, and Victoria had a large wet spot around the zipper of her pants.

9 Women Who Accidentally Orgasmed

I regretted not going at the gym.

Teens Confess Embarrassing Stories

In the picture, Rihanna is getting down at the Foreday Morning Jam party, which is a celebration that begins at midnight and ends at 6am.

So Wet

And it just so happened to be the stance where the water was being launched straight at my crotch.

Only The Best Of The Best

After getting inside I dropped my bag and ran up the stairs to the bathroom without taking my sneakers off.

15 Party Pics Drunk Celebs Don't Want You To See

Hey need help OK basically I woke up in a wet underwear it was soaked no smell nothing I've had my first child in February and took the depo shot my period didn't stop so they prescribed birth control pills to help stop it from coming down I recently had sex yesterday and it was food had 2 rounds and my boyfriend came inside of me both times so I think either some of his come came out of me at 2 in the morning or I was just still wet because it didn't smell like cum at all then I woke up at 8 am and I was in a soaked panty I went to the bathroom and it had like a clear wet substance and like little spots of blood was there OK so now I'm in the bathroom and a little more blood came out any clues of what I should do? I hopped onto a treadmill.

Woke up with wet panties?

From looking around on the net, I think I may have had a "wet dream"? I hoped Rena was too focussed on the movie to notice.

Girls when your wet do you get a wet patch?

Crop Over is an extravagant island party complete with Calypso music, endless flowing booze, and over-the-top costumes.

So Wet

" D: But then I realized that my sheets weren't wet, and my clothes didn't smell like urine.

15 Party Pics Drunk Celebs Don't Want You To See

I grabbed a deodorant stick out of my bag as I put my finished water bottle back in.