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Stealing the Red Death, a naruto fanfic

Tsume is moaning loudly with Kushina behind Tsume as she gently rubs onto Tsume's stomach while Yoshino kisses Tsume's neck.

Naruto knows Kushina and cums inside her.

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" Hinata asks "a-as in a-all times? Naruto is rubbing Kushina's head and Hitomi hits Minato where he can't move and as he thinks that they are going to make him watch? " with her ass jigging as it hits against Naruto who moving his hips as he fucking Kushina's pussy with him saying "Oh yes I have wanted to fuck this pussy for a long time! ' Naruto keeps fucking Kushina and is thinking of keeping the collar on her, as Kushina's thoughts 'and I don't think I will be no longer the same woman! The next day Kushina is being fucked in her pussy as she bent over the kitchen table with Naruto behind her.

Kushina Uzumaki Porn Comics & Sex Games

" Naruto says "Yeah who also owns your bitch ass! In the morning Hinata is moaning loudly as Mikoto and Hitomi are using dildos on her pussy as she is tied to a chair as Kushina is moaning like a hooker as Naruto fucks her as Naruto is sitting on the cough and Kushina on his lap as Kushina moans out "yes my huge cock stud keep fucking me! Their life is like this for months, all until two days ago when Minato told her and their son that he's going away on a trip as Hokage and will be gone for at least 6 months.

Naruto x Kushina porn comic

Hinata tied up by rope as their on the ceiling with Hinata moaning loudly as there are two vibrators in her pussy and Hinata is whining as she wants to be fucked by Naruto which Yoshino realize that Naruto is ripped for his age as there are big muscles and not only that, she sees someones kneeling in front of him.

Naruto xxx 7 Kushina

With Mikoto Mikoto is fucking Hinata's ass so much as both are swearing so much as Mikoto doesn't know that Hitomi is coming up behind Mikoto with her Strapon.

Stealing the Red Death, a naruto fanfic

Karui says "That is it, you milfs keep playing with me.

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" She uses her free arm and pushes Naruto away as she runs toward the door.


Naruto turns around and sees Yoshino with her long brown hair as she keeps in in a ponytail as she wears her housewife clothes but she has an amazing figure which comes from her days being a kunoichi.