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The story was conceived as a western set in a Chinatown in 1899, but the producers decided to change the setting to present-day San Francisco.

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Nobody wanted me on this film.

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Rambo's nipples are also revealed.

Discover Suzee Pai 's popular videos

The election for the American edition of the magazine wasn't announced until the May 1971 issue.

A ‘Little China’ Reunion

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A ‘Little China’ Reunion

Vote and comment on casting suggestions• She went on to several parts in movies and television including Sharky's Machine 1981 , First Blood 1982 her scene was deleted, but is a bonus feature on the "Ultimate Edition" DVD , John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China 1986 , Jakarta 1988 , and NBC comedy-drama Tattingers 1988 - '89.

Rambo: The greatest deleted scene ever

Big Trouble in Little Tokyo continues on Wednesday, May 13, at 7 p.

A ‘Little China’ Reunion

When he is kidnapped and drugged, the destination is Jakarta once again where he tries to unravel the mystery that is the city which broke him three years earlier.

A ‘Little China’ Reunion

A few months later, the first Pet Of The Year was selected, the winner being Stephanie McLean.