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Wenn du jetzt hier wärst, ...

Jel si tu kad mene niko ne poznaje.

Wenn du jetzt hier wärst, ...

Bist du da, wenn mich keiner mehr hier kennt? Or would I be standing here alone and struggle? Jel si tu kad mene niko ne poznaje? As hulle my haat, vir een of ander rede, het ek nog een spaar wens vir hulle? Per prima cosa, sperimenti il vero amore nei momenti difficili… Saresti ancora qui? Selbst wenn ich mal alles verlier? I kada izmjenjam Maldive sa Kampingom.

Wärst Du Immer Noch Hier? Songtext von Bushido Lyrics

Would you still be here? Even if I lost everything? Sou jy nog steeds hier wees, as ek niks kon bekostig vir jou nie, afgesien van my liefde, sou dit die einde wees van ons? Would you still be here? As ek 'n niemand was, sou dit wys.

Wenn du jetzt hier wärst, ...

Wil jy nog steeds hier wees? Ili sam ja sam i borim se? Tausche deine Reklamation nun mit der deines Sitznachbarn [.

wenn du ein Tier wärst

If they hated me, for some reason, I would still have one spare wish for them? As ek uitgaan en niemand ken my nie en aan my muur geen toekennings meer hang nie.

Songtext von Herwig Mitteregger

] I miss you so, Seems like it 's been forever, T hat you 've been gone.

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Kad ni jedno dupe ne bih pitalo za moj autogram.

wenn du gegangen wärst

Is jy daar, as niemand geweet het van my? Selfs wanneer ek alles verloor? Would you still be here? ] disciplinary measures for example, withdrawal of the right to hold certain offices, suspension from practice or striking-off , but proof cannot be obtained from the document referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, it shall accept as sufficient evidence in respect of nationals of other Member States a certificate issued by a competent judicial or administrative authority in the home Member State or in the Member State from where the beneficiary comes attesting that the requirements are satisfied.

Wärst Du Immer Noch Hier? Songtext von Bushido Lyrics

Would you still be here? You know the place where you used to live, Used to barbeque up burgers and ribs, Used to have a little party every Hallowe'en with candy by the pile, But now, you only stop by every once in a while, Shit, I find myself just fillin' my time, Anything to keep the thought of you from my mind, I'm doin' fine, I plan to keep it that way, You can c al l me if you fi nd yo u have somethin' to say, [.

Wärst Du Immer Noch Hier? Songtext von Bushido Lyrics

Ili ja sam sam i borim se.