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Sie hat wirklich etwas, nicht wahr? Claudia Cardinale was very hot, showing her nude big tits around, and trust me this was rare in her time! Claudia Koll Claudia Koll walking and dancing around a huge outdoor party with her breasts hanging out of her red dress before walking up to some guys and being groped and having her skirt lifted up to reveal her bush all as she talks on a guy's cell phone.

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As a young actress, Claudia Cardinale loved to show her nude big natural boobs on many topless and bikini photo shootings.

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Then she was with another film producer Pasquale Squitieri and has 2 kids with him.

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There is a collection of classic beauty Claudia Cardinale nude and topless photos while she was young, also many bikini shots! Claudia Koll Claudia Koll sitting in an unbuttoned white pajama top as she sticks her hand inside of a guy's pants and rubs him, and kisses his crotch and plays with it before he gets mad and pulls her pajama bottoms down and spanks her on the ass several times until finally she flips him over and pulls both their pants down and rubs herself against his ass until they get interrupted by an alarm clock.

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Claudia Koll Claudia Koll crawling on the ground with her white pajama bottoms hanging around her thighs before standing up and going into a bathroom where she squats over a bidet and washes herself between her legs and then splashes water on a guy's penis and runs out laughing.

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In February 2011, the Los Angeles Times Magazine named Cardinale among the 50 most beautiful women in film history.

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Enjoy in nude gallery below! Mainly Italian or French, but also in several famous English films.

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She had some fetish for directors and loved to fuck them! Claudia Cardinale appeared in the most popular European films of the 1960s and 1970s.

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This Italian-Tunisian actress is a sex symbol of her the 20s century.

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Claudia Koll Claudia Koll standing in front of a projector in an opened red dress and showing off her bush and then running her hands over it and letting a guy run his fingers over her bush as well before getting on her knees and pulling his penis out and playing with it and holding it against her chest as she talks with him while he fantasizes about her ass.