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Ruben's mother hires her as a reader to read her son books orally.

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This film won the prize for Best Short Film at the 2002 International Film Festival Avanca, the Audience Award and the Special Jury Award at the 2003 Film Festival Premier Plans, and the Golden Gate Award for Best Short Film at the 2003 San Francisco Film Festival.

Tamar van den Dop

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Her couch-potato Dad is unfit for work while Mom does little more than look after the house, dinner and, occasionally, Grandma.

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The script, also written by Van den Dop, was nominated for the prestigious NHK Script Award at the American Sundance Film Festival.

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A country road makes a 90-degree turn right in front of their doorstep, which means that the entire family is basically waiting for the next car to crash into the living room.

Birth chart of Tamar van den Dop

Plot [ ] Ruben Joren Seldeslachts is a lone and unbalanced young man who lost his sight in childhood.

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While they live in a mansion, between these two lonely souls sparks love, but will love still be blind if the man recovers from his blindness? Ruben Joren Seldeslachts is a lone and unbalanced young man who lost his sight in childhood.

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The shaking seems to worsen lately.