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- Features that I felt were worth pointing out and any specific comments or keywords that grabbed my attention.

The 30+ Best Otome Games To Play On Steam

Though this might seem like a gimmick, used solely to gain attention for the game, behind the birds is a thoroughly engaging plot with rich character development.


Area-X has a very similar narrative vibe to Steam Prison, since there is much more of a focus on world building rather than romance like you see in most otome games.

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us] - genres: school life, shoujo parody, drama• If you delete and repost within 24 hours the bot will still count it, so and we will reapprove it.

Is This Otome?

Note a yandere in action, notice how he maintains eye contact at all times These characters are a bit controversial due to their dangerously obsessive behaviors, which lead to them harming themselves and others in pursuit of love.

Is This Otome?

His desires for you awakens god like powers which he uses to manipulate the world of the game in order to trap you in a pocket dimension where the two of you can finally be together… talk about dedication! net] After discussing with the admin and narrowing down my own thoughts, I've listed what kind of games ended up being excluded:• It's about a protag who is from a poor but high-born family who goes to a temple to possibly marry a monk it's a world where monk marriage is accepted in order to be more financially stable.

Crazy For You: 5 Otome Game Yandere

, partially voiced, writer protagonist, emphasis on consent• us] - genres: school life, drama, slice of life• This list is for people looking for free to play otome games or commercial titles not available on steam or to check out how far indie otome games have come.

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Fanmade: [Collar x Malice] Drew my best boy Takeru! Anything promoting piracy, where you are illegally experiencing something for free that would be paid for normally, will be removed immediately.

Fujiwara Bittersweet on Steam

Awakening in a mysterious mansion, her first, frantic thoughts are: 'Where am I? Originally posted by :Here's a few you missed.